Farm Tool Kit: Tools & Machinery For Land Preparation

Intensive farming is very necessary to solve the food problem of the growing population of the country. With this method, one can grow many crops in a single field in a year. For this, along with the proper arrangement of improved seeds, chemical fertilizers, insecticides, and water, the use of modern agricultural machinery is also essential for timely agricultural work. So, what are the equipment inside your farm tool kit?

In agriculture, it is possible to do almost all the work with agricultural machinery, such as plowing, sowing, irrigation, harvesting, threshing, and storage, etc. Agricultural machinery has a very important contribution to increasing agricultural production. Agricultural machinery increases both production and productivity. With mechanization, you can do more work with more efficiency in less time.

Different machines are useful for plowing the fields and making the soil suitable for sowing seeds, which are as follows:

Animal driven patella harrow

Animal-driven harrows are of wood material, with a length of 1–10 m and a thickness of 10 cm. There is an attaching frame to it, to which there is also an attaching curved hook, which is moveable up and down with the help of a lever. It is a second earth refining machine, with the help of which the work of pounding the soil, collecting the crop break, and pulling weeds out of the soil, etc. is possible. This patella results in 30% labor-saving, 58 percent saving in operating cost, and 3 to 4% increase in yield as compared to the conventional patella.

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This is the second land finishing agricultural machine. With the help of this, breaking the lump, making the soil friable, collecting the crop stubble, preparing the field for sowing, etc.

Blade harrow

The harrow has a box-like frame made of mild steel, and a weeding blade fitted with iron thorns. A Haris and a Hatha are useful to pull the instrument. All the parts of this agricultural machine are of steel material. And a pair of oxen can pull it. Its blade is slightly concave. You can also excavate potatoes and groundnuts with their help. The blade is replaceable after wear. This machine saves 24% labor, 15% saving in operating cost, and 3 to 4% increase in yield as compared to indigenous plough.

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The main function of this agricultural machine is to weed the crops like cotton, maize, etc., and dig potatoes and groundnut.

Tractor Driven Mud Overturning Plow

The main parts of this plow are plow, green moldboard, landside, plow root (frog), etc. Its bar is of the bar type, and is of high carbon steel or low alloy steel. The depth of plowing of this plow is controllable by a hydraulic lever or by 3.3 linkages of the tractor.

Even the hardest soil can easily broke with this plow. This plow gives 40 to 50% labor-saving, 30% saving in operating cost, and 4 to 5% increase in yield as compared to indigenous plough.

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It is a primary ground refining machine. Its main function is to lift the soil and make it friable or also mix the green manure crops in the field well in the soil. In which humus grows in the soil. Apart from this, it also mixes well the compost, chuna, sprinkled in the field.

Tractor Driven Disc Harrow

Tractor-driven disc harrows have two gangs, one behind the other. The front gang throws the soil out and the back gang throws the soil inwards, so not a little land is uncut from this hero. The structure of this instrument is very strong. Its disc includes two gangs and a three-point linkage.

When plowing the garden with this hero, it throws the soil outside and inside, due to which the soil falls away from the tree. The field with weeds is plowable with notches disc diamonds. Compared to animal operated cultivator, this machine saves 40% labor, 54% savings in operating expenses, and increases yield by two to three percent.

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This is the second Bhuparishkaran machine, which is especially suitable for plowing the gardens. This causes the soil to be on both sides, as its discs are opposite to each other.

Duck Foot Cultivator

The duck foot cultivar is like a rectangular box. In this cultivar, the sweep is tied to the far. It is tractor driven and its depth is controllable by the hydraulics of the tractor. This cultivar is more suitable for black soil (suitable for cotton). This machine gives 30% labor-saving, 35% saving in operating cost, and 3 to 4% increase in yield as compared to animal operated cultivator.

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These are the primary land refining machines. This helps in controlling weeds easily and retains moisture in the soil.


The rotavator is of a steel frame on which a power transfer system with rotary shaft blades is connected with the gearbox. It consists of L-shaped bleeds which are of carbon steel or alloy steel. The power is transferrable to the blood through the gearbox.

With its help, the soil can be more friable. The two-time tillage of the cultivar is equivalent to its one-time tillage. This results in 7% labor-saving, 40 to 50% saving in operating cost, and a two to three percent increase in yield as compared to tractor-driven plow.

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These machines are more useful for preparing dry and farm nurseries and for mixing green manure in the field.

Tractor Driven Patella

The leveler consists of a frame, a cutting or scraping blade, and a thin covered iron sheet, which surrounds it to form a box. This device is attached to the three-point linkage of the tractor. The bladder has a covered iron sheet, which is replaceable again after wear. The depth of the instrument is controllable by the hydraulics of the tractor.

Compared to animal operated wooden patella, this machine saves 20 to 30% labor, 38% savings in operating cost, and a 2 to 3 percent increase in yield.

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Which device is helpful in leveling the soil of the field and to carry the soil from one place to another?

Tractor Driven Subswirl Plow

This plow has a harris which is of high carbon steel. Haris provides firmness to the top and bottom protruding edges. There is a hollow steel adapter, which is mounted at the bottom of the harris and supports the phar. The form of this instrument is made of high-carbon steel. The depth of the instrument is controlled by the hydraulic system of the tractor. The plow is used for deep tillage. This increases the water holding capacity of the soil. Thus its use can increase the yield by up to 30%.

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It breaks the hard layer of the soil, and at the same time loosens the soil and due to this water circulation in the soil is easy.

What are the benefits of farm machinery?

  1. Seed cum manure drill saves up to 20% manure and 15 to 20% manure.
  2. Agricultural productivity can increase by 12 -34%.
  3. Crop intensity can be increased from 5 to 12%.
  4. With the help of agricultural machinery, the total income of the farmers can be increased by 30 to 50%.

Why do you need farm machinery?

In the past agriculture is dependent on animals, but now farmers are adopting new methods of farming, earlier a lot of laborers had to be employed for work like weeding, hoeing. Time started changing and machines took the place of laborers and farmers, machine manufacturers, many organizations started making farming machines, which made the work of the farmers easier.

The use of agricultural machines is increasing day by day. The farmers here have started using modern agricultural machines as a result of the problem of labor shortage. Here different machines are being described for different works of agriculture, which will definitely prove useful for farmers, extension workers, and people associated with agriculture.

Why do you need farm machinery for land preparation?

Land refining or plowing the field is an important process of growing crops. For plants to get all the elements present in the soil, it becomes necessary to plow the land and destroy weeds.

What are the benefits of good tillage of land?

  1. Improvement in the structure of the land.
  2. weed control.
  3. Increase in the water holding capacity of the land.
  4. Air circulation in the ground.

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