Beginner Agriculture Machines And Farm Equipment

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Best Professional Cordless Electric Pruning Shears

Very Sharp & Strong Power – The KOMOK professional cordless pruning shear is forged from sk5 high carbon steel and powered by a brushless motor useful in agriculture. The blades are extremely sharp and durable, making it easy to cut 1.2 inch / 30mm hard branches and will not damage the branches, so disease between plants is minimized after each cut. Also, compared with brush motor, brushless motor provides more torque, more power, longer operation & extend motor life.

Compost Maker

A machine to make organic manure quickly and cheaply from agricultural waste and garbage.

Tree Pruning Machine (Three Cutter Machine)

This machine is helpful for filtering the cuttings of kinnow and mango trees.

Compost Spreader

It is a trolley that is useful to spread organic manure in the fields and other agriculture purposes.

Ridge Maker Machine

This machine is usable in the fields to make soil beds i.e. (doli) and hipp very cheap.

Tank & Thresher (Mini Combine)

Diesel low consumption work double and no risk of accident and hand-cut. Wheat, Joe, Mustard, Guar, Bajra, Gram, Arhar, Moong, Moth, etc. Harvesting machine.

Fodder Stone And Soil Removal Machine

Agriculture machine to clean the fodder by removing soil and stones from the animal feed in the farmer’s field.

Wood Chipper Machine

The machine for loading the trolley by chipping old and wastage wood in the farmer’s field is usable for burning wood.

Grabber Claw

A machine to pick up the fodder in the farmer’s field and load it in the trolley.

Clawed Loader

A machine for lifting fodder and soil and loading it into the trolley.

Fodder Cutter Machine

Machine for cutting the standing fodder from the farmer’s field and chipping it from 12 mm to 19 mm and loading it in the trolley.

Heavy Loader Machine

Material loading machine from 12 feet to 25 feet height from the farmer’s field.

Fan Machine

A machine to lift and store the broken straw lying in the farmer’s field.

Compost Spray Box Tiller Machine

To grow vegetables in the farmer’s field, a machine for mixing compost in the soil by laying it down.

Carrot Washer Machine

This machine is used to remove the carrot from the field and remove the soil on it.

Manual Paddy Thresher

This machine is used for plowing paddy in the field.

Manual Mobile Water Machine

During the summer, a machine protects the plant by giving drop to drop water on both sides of Rao to a small plant growing from the ground.

Water Lift Machine

Machine to lift water from lower ground to higher ground in farmer’s field.

Hole Digger Machine

A pit digging machine for planting trees in a farmer’s field.

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