Cow And Buffalo For Milk Productions & Farming Businesses

Buffalos are usually in association with milk productions and farming. And buffalo farming is also the best in terms of the dairy business.

Bhadawari’s physical identity

Its body color is like copper. The front part of this breed is thin and left behind. Its body size is medium and the hair on the body is less. The legs are short and strong. The part below the knee is pale white in color. On the front of the head, the area above the eyes is white. There are two white stripes on the lower part of the neck which are the Kanth Mala or Janeu. The color of the ion is pink. The horn has a sword-like shape.


Due to the small size and low weight of Bhadawari buffalo, their dietary requirement is much less than other breeds of buffalo, due to which makes it easily farmable by poor farmers, livestock farmers, landless farmers with fewer resources.

Animals of this breed have the ability to live in difficult conditions and can live comfortably in extremely hot and humid climates. She makes a living by eating excessive fat in milk and whatever she finds. Animals of this breed are quite be resistant to many diseases, the mortality rate of children in this breed is extremely low i.e. less than 5 percent compared to other breeds.


The average weight of adult cattle of the Bhadawari breed is 300-400 kg. it happens.

Fat percentage

An average of 8% fat is found in the milk of this breed. The maximum fat content in the milk of Bhadawari buffalo is 13-14 percent.

Milk productions

Bhadawari buffalo average 5 to 6 kg. Give milk daily. But by good animal management 8 to 10 kg. Milk can be obtained daily. Bhadawari buffalo weighs 1200 to 1800 kg in one quail.

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