Goat Farm: Starting a Farming Business?

If you are thinking about the goat farm business then there is good news for you. Goat Farming is a business that anyone can start with little cost/capital and know-how.

At the same time, the risk in goat farming is much less than in other businesses. Although you will get many business plans for goat farming, unless there is practical knowledge and a lot of actions, no business can get into good shape.

The demand for Goat meat is everywhere and the demand is increasing continuously. Goat meat is free from any religious ideology or restriction. That is, eating goat meat is acceptable in all religions, castes, and sects. Due to no religious restrictions, goat meat is more popular than other meats.

What are the benefits of goat farming?

There are immense benefits of goat farming in our country, the main ones are:-

  • If we compare goat farming with other animal husbandry like cow farming or buffalo farming, then we get the first advantage that it requires much less space than cow or buffalo farming. You can raise 5-7 comfortably in the same place where you can keep 1 buffalo or cow.
  • Most of the breed goats have an amazing ability to adapt to any environment, be it heat or cold or rain.
  • Goats are very small in comparison to other large animals but they mature very quickly.
  • Goat is not the only use alive and after death. While its mass is used by people in food, its milk is used for drinking and to cure 36 types of diseases.
  • The important use of goat’s milk is to cure dengue disease.
  • Its hair is used to make fiber and its skin is used to make various types of musical instruments.
  • Goat farming can also be started with very little capital. Since there are many breeds of goats which give birth twice a year and give 2 to 3 children every time. So this business has more chances to grow as soon as possible.
  • Goat farming is more easy to run systematically than other farms.
  • If you are already doing any animal husbandry and also want to start goat farming then you can give goats the same place where you are already doing animal husbandry.

Land selection for goat farming

Every corner of the farm/garden is suitable for doing business with Goat Farm. To start this business, we have to find someplace near our home, from where we can easily execute this business. In addition, while choosing the land

It is very important to take care of the following things:-

  • One should look for land in such a place where there is abundance of pure water and air.
  • Have farms in the vicinity so that you can easily grow hay and grain to reduce the cost of feeding the goats.
  • There should be such a market in the surrounding area where items and medicines related to goat farming are easily available.
  • Think of starting goat farming near the village because land and labor are available in villages at very cheap prices as compared to cities.
  • The area for goat farming should be such that there is a veterinary hospital nearby so that you can get vaccines and other medicines easily, otherwise you will have to keep all the medicines and vaccines on your farm itself.
  • It is important to have transport facility so that when needed you can buy the items you need from a nearby market and you can easily reach and sell your farm products in the market.

Shed Construction

The construction of a house or a shed for goats is a very important task for goat farming. If you think you are doing goat farming on a small scale hence do not build a separate house for goats and keep them with other animals, that will eventually affect your goats’ productivity. This needs to be seen clearly.

Commercially, goat farming becomes very important. Therefore, preparing a separate standard place for the goats to live is a must.

Give attention and proper care for the following points:

  • Try that the place where the goats live should be two-three feet above the ground. For this, you can use cots etc. because wetness and moisture cause disease in goats.
  • Insect moths like rats, flies, lice etc. should not be at the house of goats at all.
  • Building the house should always be in the east-west direction, so that air can flow easily.
  • Make a proper arrangement of water drainage from the house in advance, so that during the cleaning of the farm, the water can easily drain outwards.
  • Make proper arrangements that no type of water, whether it is rain or any other, can enter the goats’ house. This water is the root of diseases.
  • Make proper arrangements to keep the temperature stable in the house. Make proper arrangements for temperature control in the house for summer and winter.
  • Take special care of the cleanliness of all types of equipment and utensils related to goat farming.

Fodder Arrangement

Apart from all this, ensure proper arrangements for the food and drink of goats during the goat farming training in the business.

  • Arrange green fodder, wheat straw (if possible, arrange gram, tur and masoor dal straw) etc. for goats.
  • Give goats wheat and broken maize in the form of grains.
  • Apart from this, you can also give leaves of jackfruit, neem, peepal, pakad as green fodder from time to time.

How to make goats healthy?

  • Goats are the backbone of goat farming business so take good care of them.
  • Recognize the unusual symptoms of goats everyday, take extra care of any goat that is lethargic, weak or not eating your fodder and identify any kind of disease and arrange for proper treatment.
  • Ensure that vaccinations happen from time to time.
  • Take care of the babies of goats more than the goats.
  • Maintain all records related to goat farming.

Difficulties in goat farming business

  • Actually people who are doing goat farming business. Most of the people do not have sufficient knowledge of this business. Due to which they are doing this business in the traditional way.
  • To transport live goats from one place to another. There is no vehicle in particular. Even if someone takes goats from one place to another, then he takes them in trucks and tempo only. Due to which the health of goats can also deteriorate.
  • Due to the lack of information related to goat disease among the farmers doing goat farming, for people starting new goat farming business, the mortality rate of goats reaches very high level.
  • People who keep goats forget to choose the breed of goats before starting this business. Due to which their business progresses very slowly. And in the meantime if the goats got some deadly disease like PPR (Pests des petits ruminants). So that person could never dare to raise a goat in his life. Selection of good breed helps the business to grow faster.
  • Lack of vaccines for fatal diseases of goats, and non-availability of veterinary services everywhere, is also a problem in this business.
  • The lack of finance for people to open a farm giving good income is also a difficulty. People start with 15-20 goats due to lack of finance. Due to which they take a lot of time to make profit. If you start with 100 goats, the results are likely to come a little sooner.

How To Start Goat Farming Business?

To do any business, one should know its risk management very well so that we do not suffer any loss. You may wonder:

  • How to make goat shed?
  • What size to make?
  • How much will it cost?
  • Where to buy good and cheap goats of the right breed?
  • How should the goats be fed so that they grow up quickly or in how many days they become worth selling in the market?
  • What to do if the goat is sick, what medicine to give?

To get started, keep these things in mind before keeping goats.

Goat Shed

For goat farming, first of all, we need a goat shed in which our goats will live, I would advise you to start on a small scale because I have seen many of my friends that they invest more money and then can’t handle the farm. and they have to close the form.

There is no such rule that your shed should be big in goat farming, you can start small in which keep 10 goats and one male goat. If your land is your own then it is very good if you don’t have it, then take it on a lease, build a small shed in it and make bamboo enclosures so that when the goats come out, they can get sunlight.

The advantage of starting small is that your costs are low and you get to know the upkeep and temperament of the goats.

Food Cost

How much is being spent on their food, etc? And if everything goes well, then in the coming one year the production of your farm will increase to 30, in which at least 20 new children and the previous 10 will become 30 by mixing it.

Starting with a small farm and low cost may not make any profit in the first year. You just have to increase the production of your farm.

Buying Goats and Essentials

Now let’s talk about good breed goat babies, from where to buy them. It is best that you choose the breed of goats according to your climate, but some people are fond of raising goats of good and beautiful breed, that is also right but they have to be looked after a little more.

Now let’s talk about where to buy goats of good breed, although there are many traders who supply goats and send goods to you in transport, I would advise you that if you buy goats from the market then it will be more beneficial.

Buyers who want to buy, go there a day before the market day and choose the favorite goats, their rate is also very genuine. You must first talk to your merchant about transportation as that can be costly.

I would advise you to raise Sirohi, Beetle, Sojat, Totapari, andul goats, I like Sojat goats very much, it looks very beautiful and quickly becomes big size, their special thing is that after 12 months it is very quick Start gaining weight and double in 2-3 months.

Keep these things in mind in goat farming

  1. While building the shed, you must get the boundary wall, a borewell for drinking water, a staff room to guard, never leave the form complete to your staff, you give all your time, if you can keep the form under your supervision. Get a cctv camera installed and watch your form on your mobile. If you start on a large scale then all this is necessary, if you start small then you can handle the whole yourself.
  2. Make sure to arrange green fodder, take the land on lease according to the number of goats, if you have your own land then it is very good, and plant green fodder in it. Some people feed goats by growing fodder from Hydroponic System.
  3. There is no need for grazing the goats outside, stall feeding is enough, if grazing is to be done, then graze outside 2-3 times a week.
  4. After taking the goat from the goat market, get them deworming and vaccination done as soon as it is kept in the form.
  5. As soon as the goats fall ill, call the veterinary doctor and visit the farm and keep the injection of basic injections like fever, indigestion, pain, loose motion etc. If the goats look lethargic, then immediately check their fever, if there is fever, then give paracetamol injection in the right dose. In an emergency, keep all the medicine from the doctor and give it yourself if you fall ill.
  6. Along with green fodder, dry fodder and grain must also be given.

Keep in mind the correct production of the farm and sell the goat at a reasonable rate, promote your farm a lot, put the video of your farm on YouTube, people will call you to buy the goat.

Additional Things to Consider

Keeping these things in mind, follow goat farming and start from small farm start from 10 -1 or 20 -1, keep 2 – 3 pure breed, if sojat is sojat male goat if there is beetle then beetle, if there is sirohi then sirohi Goat, if Black Bengal is a small breed, then cross it with Beetle or Sirohi for breed improvement.

Goat farming is a very good and more profitable business, you just need to do it with the right technique and true dedication, you will definitely succeed.

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