What Differentiates Saffron And Safflower?

Due to a lack of information, many farmers are being cheated in the name of saffron and American saffron. Do you know which one are you growing and what differentiates the two?

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Name of saffron and seed of safflower

Selling safflower seeds to the farmers include showing them dreams of growing saffron and selling them at good prices. The farmer also nurtures and grows safflower plants for several months and feels cheated when he goes to sell the pollen of its flowers in the market. The scientific name of Safflower (Safflower) is Carthamus. The oil and color from it are useful in making soap, varnish and paint.

It is important to know what differentiates saffron and safflower

  • Saffron crop is a crop that grows in cold places.
  • Whereas safflower cultivation can be done comfortably at any place.
  • There are only three pollens on a saffron flower.
  • The same safflower plant has many pollens.
  • Saffron flower develops only a few inches above the ground.
  • Whereas safflower grows to a height of several feet above the ground.

Therefore, it is a request to all the farmer brothers that the kind of environment and climate required for the cultivation of saffron is available only in Kashmir. Don’t fall into any such trap and don’t let your money and labor go to waste. If you have to do any kind of innovation in agriculture, then contact the officials of the Agriculture Department of your area and according to their advice, do innovation in agriculture and avoid any kind of fraud.

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