Cilantro Sprouts and Pulp Extraction Techniques

There is a lot of market demand for cilantro sprouts and pulp. After processing, food items of Sitaphal can then become ice cream, sherbet, jam, rabdi basundi shake powder, etc. After extracting the pulp of cilantro, you can also use the peel and seeds beneficially. The oil from the seeds of cilantro is useful in the prevention of insects during the storage of pulses as well as for the control of pests in crops. Not only that, it is also an environment-friendly insecticide. Compost from the peels of cilantro sprouts are also very beneficial for the crops.

Benefits of cilantro pulp extraction technique

  • Significant reduction in the cost of rectal removal
  • Attainment of good quality health
  • Meet market demand
  •  Year round availability of pulp
  •  Due to the availability of plentiful seeds, it is possible to extract elements with medicinal properties
  •  Possibilities of reduction in post harvest wastage
  • Saving of about Rs.20 by processing one kg of fruits
  • The machine can dispense about 1 ton per day
  • The country will require about 5000 tonnes of pulp.
  •  In order to obtain the above quantity of pulp, the demand for pulp is approximately 20,000 tonnes.

Wherever there is Sitaphal in the whole country, meeting this mend is by installing a unit. You can set the unit in the states of Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, and Chhattisgarh. This technology has been tied up by the university with private companies, which use the technology of extracting cilantro pulp in different states of the country. Still working.

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