Cow Dung Benefits & Uses As Fertilizer

What happens when we put manure in the field?

Actually, dung is food for many types of animals, but urea is not food. There is an organism in your field which is called an earthworm. When we put tons of urea in the field, we have killed crores of earthworms.

What does the earthworm do?

Earthworms make the soil soft and make the soil fertile.

How did cow urine kill earthworms?

Going from top to bottom, coming up from the bottom, it takes three to four rounds in the whole day from top to bottom, bottom to top. Now when the earthworm goes down it makes a path and when it comes up again it comes up making a path.

So the result is that when these small holes make earthworms, then one drop of rainwater goes to the bottom through these holes. This means if someone in the whole world does the work of water recharging, then it is earthworm that dies due to urea, so putting urea means it is equivalent to committing suicide for the farmer.

If a farmer puts urea in his field, the earthworm will die. When the earthworm dies, then no one will go up and down in the soil, resulting to soil hardening. One thing is true about the soil and bread, if they do not turn, then the bread ends. If you stop turning it, it gets burnt. And when you stop turning the soil, it becomes like a stone.

Do you understand the meaning of turning the soil? This earthworm does the topsoil down, bottom-up, top-down, bottom-up. The earthworm is the best friend of the farmer.

Adopt organic, save farm

If an earthworm remains alive for a year, it turns 36 metric tons of soil upside down in a year and if the same soil has to be turned upside down with a tractor, then that’s 100 liters of diesel down the drain. There are crores of such earthworms, think how much profit this country is getting.

What are the benefits of applying cow dung?

By adding chemical fertilizer, the earthworm dies. When earthworm gets food, it increases its population and increases so fast that no one can increase.

Each earthworm dies after giving birth to 50-50 thousand children. One species of earthworm gives birth to 1 lakh babies. So if he is alive then he has created one lakh, now he will produce one lakh each, one lakh in the future, there will be crores of earthworms if you start pouring cow dung.

So if there are more earthworms, then you can expect for more soil inversion. And if there are more holes then all the rainwater will go into the soil. If the water goes into the soil, then the wastewater will not go into the rivers, if the excess water does not go into the rivers, then there will be no flood, then the wastewater will not go into the sea.

Therefore, you should explain to the farmers that by adding manure to the cow dung, reducing even one gram of production is unlikely.

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