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The demand for garlic is increasing. Thus, earning more income through garlic processing is a reality anyone can experience.

The real meaning of value addition, more so, is to increase the availability of quality and quantity of agricultural products/garlic. Its value addition is to increase its value from planting a crop till its harvesting and selling it in the market. This will then prepare such products from agricultural products/garlic which can fulfill the nutritional requirement.

Meaning of Garlic Value Addition

  • To process garlic from planting to harvesting storage in such a way that you can earn profit from the products by maintaining the qualitative method.
  • Using it to enhances the taste and it makes the food tasty and delicious. It is popular among both non-vegetarian and vegetarian groups.
  • The main objective of making garlic value addition product is to reduce the transportation load on garlic, increase the storage period and earn foreign exchange by exporting the products.
  • To get more income from garlic production in adverse conditions by increasing the availability of products in every region.
  • To make possible savings, the use of dry garlic and its target planks and powder is also in trend nowadays. In addition, mixing garlic powder in the spice mix in different ways is available in the market. While the preparation of products includes adopting processing methods like: Garlic Powder, Garlic Oil, Garlic Paste Chutney, Garlic Pickle, Garlic Vati, Garlic Powder, Flakes etc.

Other Garlic Value Addition

  • To increase the quality (organic farming) to increase the nutritional value. You can also find protein, volatile oil, mineral fiber, carbs, calcium, phosphorus, iron in garlic. Due to which, garlic has several uses as medicine. It is a very effective medicine mainly in the control of arthritis, paralysis, tremor, heart disease, cholesterol.
  • To create new employment opportunities for the youth through small scale industries.
  • Employment can be provided to the unemployed farmers of the village by establishing small scale industries.
  • grading for the market Enhancing the facilities of a storage.
  • Addition of value to colour, fragrance, packing/packaging at the time of processing.
  • To manufacture products for specific population (for children, for the elderly and for heart patients).
  • To market the products by adopting suitable means of advertising and communication.

Machines and Techniques Used in Garlic Processing

Bud Separation Machine

Garlic Bud Separation Machine is an important machine that separates the buds from the garlic tubers. These separated buds have an important use in sowing seeds and processing. The efficiency, efficiency of this machine is 95-96 percent respectively 7 to 8 quintals per hour. Instead of separating the bud in the traditional way, bud separation by machine takes 10% of the cost and 5% of the time.

Bud Crushing Machine

The use of this machine is to defrost the isolated buds for processing work (Garlic Value Addition). This is so that they can dry carefully and rapidly, like a dry machine. The efficiency of this machine is 4 to 5 quintals per hour and its efficiency is 82-87 percent at 288 rpm.

Bud Peeling Machine

Through this machine, you can separate the thin layer present on the garlic buds so that they can be dehydrated, pickle chutney, etc. during processing.


This device is for dehydrating the pinched buds and make flakes from them. You can then make other products from them.

  1. temperature time
  2. Electrical Machine (at 50 dc) 7-8
  3. sunny heat 2-3 days

Grinding Machine

With the help of this device, the garlic buds are usable in the wet state. This is then helpful in grinding all spices along with garlic paste or flakes made after drying to make garlic powder and other products. This yantra is ground into different shapes according to the mesh.

Weighing Machine

This electric device is used to weigh the products.

Packing Machine

This machine is electrically operated. With the help of this, after filling the above products in the plate according to the weight, it is useful to close their mouth. It takes less time to fill the bags and chest and also maintains purity.

A small-scale industry can earn a good income by setting up a garlic processing unit by using all the above equipment in the processing process. Assuming the average price during excavation is Rs 4000 per quintal and dehydration as Rs 40000 per quintal, then on selling it, 14% profit can be obtained, 60% profit can be obtained on the total investment capital. It is clear from these indications that Garlic Dehydration is a processing unit and a financial project.

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