Application Of Biopesticides In Agriculture

This article is about the application of biopesticides as a treatment and control of various illnesses and diseases, their use, and importance.

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Important doable tasks of Integrated Pest Control

  • Deep plowing after harvest and in summer.
  • Adopt favorable crop rotation.
  • Get seed treatment from bioagents.
  • Choose disease and pest resistant varieties.
  • Catch and destroy the insects by mechanical method.
  • Destroy the disease and pest infested part of the plants.
  • Keep the crop free from weeds.
  • Destroy crop residues.
  • As per the departmental recommendation in the crop, install traps in the light loops and rounds. Destroy adult butterflies trapped in the trap daily.
  • Leave friendly insects and parasitic insects in crops.
  • Use insecticides when the number of pests is high.
  • Use neem based insecticides.
  • Spray need based, equitable and safe insecticides.
  • Spray more than one insecticide to control any pest, that is, use different insecticides in each spray.
  • Do not use any insecticide again. Do not spray any such insecticide which increases the vegetative growth of the crop.
  • As far as possible, use only the right equipment for spraying/spraying synthetic pyrethroids.

The details of the application of biopesticide, its benefits are as follows.


Trichoderma is a friendly fungus that gradually destroys the crops by stopping the growth of parasitic fungi causing root rot, rotting, stagnation and collar rot, etc. With this, by treating the seeds of crops, you can save the crop from the above diseases.

This pollution-free and safe organic fungicide for animals and humans, it is less expensive and beneficial. Where disease resistance and chemical control become ineffective, it is possible to do biological treatment with Trichoderma.


Rats cause damage by cutting the standing crop in the fields and cutting the grains of the ripe crops. You can save the crops from rats by using bromodialin (0.005%) at the rate of 1.5 kg per hectare.

Light Trap Biopesticide

Adult beetles and moths are attracted to the light and collect in bags tied under the light trap, which are destroyed. Keep water filled with kerosene in a wide vessel under the light trap, due to which the beetles and moths that are attracted towards the light loop die.

It is a simple and easy method, in which insects can be controlled without harming the environment. Keep in mind that if friends get attracted to harmful insects and start destroying them, then the light loop should be closed. In this method, along with destroying the beetles and moths, other control measures can be adopted by assessing the concentration.

Pheromone Trap and Lure Biopesticide

Pheromones are chemicals that resemble the odor emanating from the female insect’s genitalia. Applying these pheromone chemicals to rubber pieces attract male insects. You then have to destroy and bury the male adults that happens upon a bag made under the trap.

This method attracts the male adults related to the introduced lure without harming the environment. This method not only eliminates the harmful insects but also assesses their presence daily and checks the intensity by checking the ET of the kit. You can also check the level.

NPV (Nuclear Polyhidrosis Virus) Biopesticide

It is a type of virus that successfully controls harmful insects of a particular species. It is a completely safe biological agent. Which has no effect on the environment and does not have any adverse effect on other parasitic predators, birds, and human species. These viruses are mainly of proteins including DNA. has a structure.

While the venom of the harmful insect eats the virus, it goes into its alimentary canal thus destroying its protein cover in the alkaline medium in the central part of the abdomen and liberating the structures of the virus which reach the cells of various organs. Multiply very fast. Initially, the braid reduces feeding and dies in 4 to 8 days.

You can often find dead braids hanging. The color of these hairs is light yellow. And bloated, out of which the liquid comes out on slight shaking. Thus NPV Destroys the strands. Also, do NPV Spraying in the evening because the ultraviolet rays fragment it during the day.


You can save the environment from pollution by using insecticide made from neem for pest control. The use of the azadirachtin element found in neem oil in various concentrations on crops can be used as an alternative to other synthetic plant-protection chemicals to avoid pests in crops. It is toxin-free as well as controllable against all harmful insects.

In Trichogram

Trichogramma parasite is a small insect that completes its life cycle by laying its eggs in the eggs of insects like stem borers etc. in maize crops. It is so small in size that 8 to 10 adult Trichogrammas can sit together at the tip of an alpin.

The life cycle of this insect is completed from the egg stage to the pupa stage in the egg of its host and after coming out in the adult stage starts looking for eggs to start its life cycle, hence it is called egg parasite.

The life cycle is complete after 8 to 10 days in summer and 9 to 12 days in winter. Plant T=trichocards in the field 1 day before the date of their adult emergence, otherwise, there are chances of predators eating them.

Separate the strips of trichocards before applying. Being an egg parasite, Trichogramma 1 completes its life cycle in the eggs of the harmful host organism. Therefore, it destroys the eggs of harmful insects without harming the environment.

bt (Bacillus Thuringensis)

Bacillus thuringensis are useful for the control of Lepidoptera pests. This NPV Like destroys harmful braids without harming the environment.

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